Corporate Needs To

Manage Risks

  • Counterparty credit risk
  • Sovereign risk
  • Commercial disputes
  • Legal / Regulatory Risks

Manage Working Capital

  • Accelerate Receivables (Exporter)
  • Extend Payment Terms (Importer)
  • Balance Sheet Efficient Structures
  • Inventory Management / Financing

Trade Finance Solutions

Trade Finance (TF) Solutions address the above needs via Letters of Credit, Import/Export Loans, Receivable Financing, Inventory Financing, Pre- export/Prepayment, Insurance

Trade finance is characterised by lower default rates and high recovery rates than clean corporate debt due to structured solutions which include forward looking covenants, ringfenced cashflows, collateral, 3rd party guarantee/insurance etc

Interest is charged for providing the TF solutions.  The margin charged depends on the credit profile of the counterparties and the structure of the underlying transactions. The margin drives the Fund returns

General Trade & Financing Type